Demitrus SteptoeName: John Doe

Major: Sports Management

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

“The reason why I chose Shorter for continuing my education was because Shorter provides a program that no other learning institution that I’ve talked to can provide at the affordable price. Also I needed to continue my education online because of my daily schedule. I needed a school that can provide me top notch education on my time.

“[Shorter’s] customer service was the best out of all the schools I’ve talked with.  They did everything possible to make my transition from University of Phoenix to Shorter as smooth as possible.

“The benefits of online classes for me are studying anytime, no gas and/or traveling expenses, and … posting my assignments while completing company presentations at the same time are very crucial to me.”

Washington Adventist University · 7600 Flower Ave. · Takoma Park, Maryland 20912 · 877-246-2225 · www.wau.edu

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